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New Account! This one is officially dead.

2012-03-09 00:12:21 by acedareaper

visit my new account here.

I do check my messages on both despite barely using my account anymore. 

Glad to have gotten the best christmas present i could have.....a message from a certain someone.

Please keep it up.

youll always be there

2010-08-06 23:37:51 by acedareaper

in my heart, to my special someone whom i miss dearly. my ghost

im sitting here

2010-05-31 14:29:44 by acedareaper

still waiting for a message from my someone :(

gonna be gone for a week

2010-05-22 18:15:08 by acedareaper

starting this monday ill be at my moms till saturday or somewere in between..

i miss my boy sheldon :( if your reading this please leave me a message i really need one from you somewere atleast.


2010-02-09 13:41:32 by acedareaper

im so bored

got a new tablet

2009-12-30 14:21:45 by acedareaper

im now doing payed commishes or avatars for free.


2009-12-15 19:42:50 by acedareaper

if anyone has a server and wants to chat a bit ill be more than happy to jump on and talk.

this is whats up

2009-11-18 15:48:25 by acedareaper

for those who like to play garrysmod and like showing their works and want some of them in a youtube video come down to the site im currently working with.

heres the site its also a dedicated garrysmod server just look for the title in your server browser.

the site also has a team fortress forum in it so go check that out and be the first clan to post there.

if your a graphics design artist and want to give a try of making textures for our server maps give me a pm on the site plus a few examples then ill consider you into the gfx team of the site.

features of the site are tutorials for building things in gmod, access to members gmod creations in the adv.dupe area, a neat help section for all of your problem, and a helpful staff to join you in helping with what you need.

also add me on skype if you want to chat, add - acedareaper - to your add contacts list, im good for helpful art advice and more.

if you want my msn add - - and ill help you from there or just chat if youd like.

grim collab

2009-10-14 19:29:06 by acedareaper

heres the line up on the eggs

grim collab here-i am the organizer.




4.flying monkey


as you see there are no spots open

co-authors will be listed later on

if you are done either pm me with a imageshack link or email me it.

and these eggs dont have to really be scary just some what creepy to keep it some with the theme. they can even be funny as long as they go along with the theme.

*r.i.p tablet* my tablet ive had for a while now, now will never work again and its going to be extreme hell trying to get another one...i hope to have another in under a year.